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Financial Support 4 Students CIC (FSS-UK) assists students from as young as secondary school to postgraduate level; find and apply for non-repayable grants in the UK.

We provide our services through workshops where the attendees (either students and/or parents) are given the sources to search and apply for non-repayable grants. During the workshop the students are also given a step to step guide on how to ensure that their applications are successful; allowing them to only need the services of FSS-UK as a one-stop hub.  


FSS-UK works to assist all levels of education to prevents students from dropping out of education or incurring further debt and taking one step into achieving their goals.

Adult Students

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Watch the video above to see what goes on in one of our Workshops and see how we could possibly help you


  • FSS-UK team helping you find a list of Grants
  • 1-2-1 session with an FSS advisor
  • Scheduling group session with family, communities, school organisation
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