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Why we do What we Do?

Graduates now leave University with an average of £44,000 in debt. However, this debt is much more heavily concentrated amongst students from low-income families than the average would suggest.

A survey commissioned by financial technology company Intelligent Environments found three-quarters of students who receive maintenance loans feel stressed about the amount of debt they accumulate while studying, with over a third (39 per cent) saying they cannot afford their weekly food shop.

Many hard-up families are unaware of the support available through charitable grants. With many struggling financially for over a year before checking what support could be available to them. As a result of their situation, many have had no choice but to rely on the financial support of family and friends and have been forced to cut back on food and heating or quit their studies altogether.


With FSS, we aim to ensure that many more people are aware of the many thousands of non-repayable grants that they may be eligible to receive whilst completing their education. 


FSS is working to help all generations of students gain extra funding by sharing our expert sources of where the grants can be found and then delivering an engage session on how to ensure you submit a successful application – result in funding being received.


Finding out about how to apply for extra non-repayable grants has really made a massive difference in my educational experience and I am really grateful that such information was made available to me. All it took was one encounter with FSS to make a 5-year difference within my education and I couldn't be happier to now be apart of the very same foundation that helped me fulfil my academic dreams.

Rosemary Ichaba,

MSc, BSc Graduated and FSS C.E.O

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